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EGO-360 5 watt Vibration Speaker


Output Power:               5watts RMS                                     Single to Noise ratio: >85dB

Frequency Response:  80Hz-18KHz                                    Impedance:                 2ohms

Power Supply:               Lithium-ion Battery / USB cable

Size:                                52mm x 59 mm                               Weight:                           285g


Before Use

Please remove the White Hard-plastic "Gel-Protection Disc" carefully to expose the Viscous Gel-Pad.   A clean Gel-Pad creates the correct adhesion to a horizontal (flat) surface for the Acoustic vibration transfer



is required when LED Light flashes RED. connect the supplied 3-in-1 cable to USBA type connection from PC, Laptop or DC 5 volt adapter. Charge time 1-1.5 hours. charging is complete when LED turns Green



adjust playback volume via the "Wheel" control. Hold in the + direction to increase & - direction to decrease, for MicroSD card.   For 3.5mm line-in you may also adjust the volume from your external device


Sound Playback

place your EGO-360 speaker on any solid surface that resonates & enjoy the experience of Amazing Omni-Directional Sound. e.g. Tables of wood or glass, cardboard, foam, Esky, Bench top, even your car


Battery Capacity

Battery Capacity: installed 600 mAh Li-ion, Rechargeable. We Guarantee 4 hours Audio playback from Full Charge. Battery can be recharged at any stage during discharging. Also charge & play feature is available.


MicroSD - (plays MP3 files only)

EGO-360 5watt is fitted with a MicroSD card reader. Our 5watt speaker is able to read MP3 files only. You must complete A file conversion to MP3 (FAT32) for playback.

Try this FREE file converter



please keep your Gel-Pad clean from dust or other materials with a damp cloth. keep away from External heat sources & out of the Sun. do not expose EGO-360 i7w to water. charge battery regularly.


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